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Rental Prices

We always aim to provide the best value accommodation in all our student homes.  This aim is reflected in the range of prices that takes into account the specific house, the size of bedroom, the facilities (e.g. en suite).  To avoid any unexpected costs for our students as the year goes on, all our quoted  costs include their standard unavoidable overheads: water rates, heating, electricity and gas (subject to terms and conditions).  


Other costs that our students need to take responsibility for are:

  • Internet - for all houses other than Picton Place (where a broadband link is included).  If required, telephone points are installed in each property, and each new group of students normally share the cost by taking over the existing broadband contract held by the previous group of students.
  • A shared contribution towards the cost of a TV licence (if needed)
  • Insurance for personal belongings - while buildings insurance is in place for all properties, each student may wish to have insurance cover for all their belongings (when our daughters were away studying, we managed to ensure cover for their belongings through our own household insurance - may be worth parents checking out with their own insurers). 
  • Any damage to the property will have to paid for.  We do not actively take a bond.




Costs are inclusive of: Water Rates, Heating, Electricity and Gas*.


Full details of costs per bedroom in each house is shown along with details of each house.  Easy access is from the Home Page and click on the picture of the house you are interested in, the prices will be displayed below the photos of each bedroom.



* subject to terms and conditions




For more information, to book your place, or to arrange a vist, please contact us.

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